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The concept of your parents getting older and needing extra help can be an extremely tough realization. But how do you know when you should hire an at-home caregiver for your loved ones? Keep reading to learn seven common signs that it might be time. 

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Helping struggling patients is so important
1. Lack of Personal Hygiene

Simple, daily skills such as brushing teeth, flossing, bathing, brushing hair, and so on don’t come as easy to seniors. These tasks require motor skills that tend to decrease the older we get, and because of this, diminishing personal hygiene can happen slowly over time.

Body odor, wearing the same clothing or clues around their house, such as soiled clothing or piles of laundry, can be a potential indicator your loved one might need additional help. Whether it’s their memory or physical issues causing this to happen, an in-home caregiver will be able to assist and get them back on track. 

2. Financial Hardship

For the most part, many of us try to prepare ourselves financially for retirement as best as possible. But what happens when someone has been retired for a while and can no longer stay on top of their finances?

For example, unpaid bills could result in a home that is too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, which could be dangerous to your loved ones for a multitude of reasons. They also might potentially sign themselves up for an expensive membership or give more to loved ones or charities than they can afford.

Hired in-home help might be able to alert you of any financial difficulties or red flags that arise. It will also be worth your while to look into bookkeeping services. At Landis at Home, trained staff are able to assist with bank account management, bill payment, financial reporting, budgeting, tax reporting and so on. That being said, you and loved ones can have peace of mind that their paperwork is taken care of by a professional.

3. Increased Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is a common sign that someone is aging. Forgetfulness can be as harmless as forgetting where they placed something or as detrimental as forgetting to pay the bills, take medication, and attend doctor’s appointments.

It’s okay to forget things from time to time, but if it’s become increasingly more frequent, it’s an indicator your loved ones might need some extra help. Elderly home care allows a second set of eyes to pay attention to what’s important and make sure your loved ones aren’t missing bills, medication, and appointments.

4. Lack of Interest

Has your loved one seemed disinterested in hobbies or activities they usually enjoy?

As we get older, there might be more to the situation than just a loss of interest in the things they once loved. Seniors might develop an emotional health disorder or experience cognitive decline, resulting in no longer enjoying what they once did before. 

5. Difference in Appearance

Not everyone feels the need to make themselves presentable 100% of the time, and that’s completely understandable. However, it might be worth investigating if it becomes a pattern for your loved one, especially if this isn’t normal for them. As we mentioned before, personal hygiene has the potential to start declining for a multitude of reasons.

Weight loss is another factor to watch for when it comes to appearance. As small as a 10% decrease in body weight could indicate a problem.

6. Change in Housekeeping 

After growing up with your loved ones, you probably have a good indication of their organization skills and how they like to keep their house. If you notice a change, especially extreme changes such as mold or trash buildup, it’s probably time to invest in some housekeeping help.

No matter how they’re feeling, no one should live in unhealthy living conditions! A change in the state of their house can indicate that they don’t have the energy to keep up with household maintenance or they’re unable to take care of themselves like they could before. 

7. Driving Issues

This can be a challenging subject to approach. Being able to drive is equivalent to being independent and doing things on your own.

That being said, while this can have a negative effect on seniors, it’s crucial to consider the safety of both themselves and everyone around them. If the number of fender benders, tickets, or even dents in their car starts to increase, take note of it. You may need to monitor their driving or arrange for a change in transportation, such as someone else driving them. 

Looking into home help for the elderly can be a stressful process, which is why we’re here to make it simple! Located in Lancaster, PA, Landis at Home is ready to serve you wherever you call home. Our team is here to meet your loved one’s needs from personal care, household chores, companionship, and on. Contact us today to learn more. 

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