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Landis at Home employee folding a load of laundry

Light Household Chores

Do chores around your house sap your strength and lessen the enjoyment of living where you choose? Have you considered moving for this reason? Let our team of careful, thorough homemakers take care of these tasks.

Light household chores include dusting, watering plants and general tidying up of rooms. It can also include emptying trash. We are happy to sweep the main areas of your home. Did you know we enjoy helping organize drawers and file away books and other items?

Wiping down surfaces in the kitchen, putting dishes away and making sure the counters are ready for use can make your life much easier when it is time to prepare meals. The same is true for the bathroom. We make sure both are “company ready” when we leave.

Light household tasks also include the changing of bed linens, making the bed, laundry and ironing as well as meal preparation.

Using our household chore services for seniors ensures it will be done well by persons who are trustworthy and careful. All of the staff have been screened to ensure they are competent to do a thorough job. We will accommodate your preferences for how we clean and make sure when we leave, you are pleased with the results. Best of all, these services can be scheduled at your convenience.