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If you’ve heard of the “Sandwich Generation,” it could be because you are a member of it. The “Sandwich Generation” is a group of middle-aged adults who are caring for an aging parent and their own children at the same time.

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This stage of life can be particularly demanding, because the needs of your parents and your children can feel overwhelming, and many in the “Sandwich Generation” feel torn in two as they try to ensure the best care for their loved ones. This is a delicate and often exhausting balance act. If not managed promptly and properly, stress can begin to build up and compound, which affects your own physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

If you are a member of the “Sandwich Generation,” it is important to acknowledge the demands of your position and find ways to address them. This may mean asking for extra help. When it comes to caring for aging relatives, you may not possess the skills or the time necessary to ensure that your parents are living wholistically safe and healthy lives.

That is where Landis at Home comes in. Caregivers with Landis at Home can provide individualized care, and assist your aging parents with a variety of everyday tasks, such as light household chores, transportation, personal care, memory support, and companionship.

Landis at Home can be a valuable resource to provide respite and peace of mind, and to help you avoid burnout. It is important to acknowledge when you need extra help. When you do, Landis at Home caregivers are ready to support you and provide quality, personalized, and compassionate care for your aging parents.

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