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A senior citizen with a positive outlook.

Holistic wellness involves so much more than healthy eating, good sleeping habits, and stress management. Holistic wellness is a focus on the entire person, and how emotional, spiritual, and physical components all contribute to being truly well, body, mind, and soul. These dimensions of wellness – emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, social, vocational, intellectual, and financial – must be harmonized in order to achieve holistic wellness personally, vocationally, and in your family life.

Emotional Wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times. It includes an acceptance of one’s own feelings, values and attitudes, as well as appreciating the feelings of others. This allows for the constructive management of emotions, as well as a mindful and grateful approach to life that manifests enthusiasm and positivity.

Landis at Home is about far more than just assisting your loved one with their physical needs. Meeting the emotional needs of seniors is of equal importance, and is necessary for ensuring their holistic health and well-being. Caregivers are attuned to the emotional needs your loved one may have, and can help to address negative feelings they may be experiencing, such as loneliness or frustration.

The Dimensions of Holistic Wellness.

Sometimes, all seniors need is a listening ear or a compassionate, encouraging conversation, and caregivers are more than happy to oblige. When seniors feel heard and understood and their emotions are validated, it can be overwhelmingly beneficial for their overall health. A positive outlook can impact all other areas of life.

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