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Holistic wellness involves so much more than healthy eating, good sleeping habits, and stress management. Holistic wellness is a focus on the entire person, and how emotional, spiritual, and physical components all contribute to being truly well, body, mind, and soul. These dimensions of wellness – emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, social, vocational, intellectual, and financial – must be harmonized in order to achieve holistic wellness personally, vocationally, and in your family life.

Senior women smiling, and having a great time.



Physical wellness cares for one’s body to stay healthy through physical activity and nutrition, combined with adequate sleep, and medical care when necessary.



The Dimensions of Holistic Wellness.

Caregivers with Landis at Home know the importance of holistic physical wellness and are educated about how to encourage seniors to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. They are attuned to their needs and can help your loved ones meet their physical goals, such as maintaining an active lifestyle, eating a well-rounded diet, attempting to get quality sleep, and seeking medical care and guidance when greater needs arise.

The support of Landis at Home caregivers can make a difference when it comes to motivating and helping seniors pursue a life of holistic physical wellness. Reach out to our professional team today to discover how Landis at Home can help your loved one pursue physical wellness.

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