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Holistic wellness involves so much more than healthy eating, good sleeping habits, and stress management. Holistic wellness is a focus on the entire person, and how emotional, spiritual, and physical components all contribute to being truly well, body, mind, and soul. These dimensions of wellness – emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, social, vocational, intellectual, and financial – must be harmonized in order to achieve holistic wellness personally, vocationally, and in your family life.

Cheerful senior friends gathered together at cozy small patio.



Intellectual wellness allows for the expanding of knowledge and skills while discovering potential for sharing gifts, maintaining curiosity, and engaging in lifelong learning. This dimension of wellness can improve memory, problem solving and cognitive functioning.



For many seniors, their bodies may begin to slow down as they age, but that doesn’t mean that their minds should! Learning new things every day, engaging in mental challenges, and practicing new skills can help keep the mind sharp and alert. Caregivers with Landis at Home understand the importance of holistic intellectual wellness and can encourage seniors as they pursue lifelong learning. Intellectual wellness is a key tenant of the mission of Landis Communities, and you can have confidence in your loved one’s continued pursuit of learning. With Landis at Home on your side, we can work together to promote your loved one’s intellectual wellness. Call us today!

Dimensions of Holistic Wellness
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