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Transportation is often a source of concern for many seniors and their loved ones, particularly for seniors who desire to age in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

Nurse takes senior to the market.

Having the freedom to run errands, travel to appointments, and visit friends and family members is all part of the beauty of independence and aging in place, but for some seniors, changes in vision or reaction time complicate their ability to drive. Seniors may be reluctant to reach out to family members or friends for rides, and important appointments could be missed as a result.

That’s why Landis at Home’s transportation service is such a valuable resource for aging adults. There is no need to take a bus or call a taxi or a ride-share service. Instead, our carefully screened drivers can transport you to stores, appointments, special events, or visits with friends where our drivers will stay and wait until you’re ready to return home. Vehicles are clean, well-maintained, and when necessary, we can provide a wheelchair van.

Landis at Home’s transportation service is available for both recurrent needs and one-time visits.

Landis At Home staff member.


The ability to travel is an important aspect of independence and safe drivers who understand the needs of seniors are invaluable. This service provides peace of mind for seniors who may be unable to drive or are anxious to drive, and also for their loved ones who may be nervous at the thought of their aging relatives transporting themselves.


If you are interested in learning more about our transportation service, contact Landis at Home today to discover how we can help you maintain your independence and continue to flourish in your own home!

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