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Aging in place is at the core of the services that Landis at Home provides, because we know just how valuable it can be to preserve independence and familiarity! If you desire to remain in your own home for as long as possible, but may need a helping hand from time to time, Landis at Home may be the perfect solution.

Aging in your own home has lots of benefits for seniors, such as:

A senior gentleman having a conversation with a nurse in his kitchen during a home visit.


1. Comfort. There’s truly no place like home when it comes to comfortability. Home is where most people are able to relax, make memories with their loved ones, and enjoy the hobbies and activities that make them happy! Aging in your own home means that you are surrounded by comfort, familiarity, and the loved ones that you treasure.


2. Independence can lead to a more positive outlook and higher self-esteem. Aging in place can directly correlate to increased happiness. Maintaining your autonomy and independence can result in a better mood and an overall better outlook on life.

An elderly gentleman and a nurse are seated and conversing in a cozy, well-decorated living room.

3. It’s more affordable. Remaining in your home and aging in place can save lots of money and allow you to allocate those funds toward other expenses, doing things you enjoy, or even hiring a little additional help from the team with Landis at Home when some of the everyday home tasks become daunting.

The Landis at Home team is passionate about helping you remain in your own home for as long as possible, enjoying your comfort and independence. We desire to enrich your experience, ensure your safety, and provide peace of mind for you and for your loved ones.

If you’re ready to consider help with some everyday tasks such as light cleaning, meal prep, or running errands, contact Landis at Home today.

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