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Aging at home in comfort and independence can be a dream come true for many seniors. It’s reassuring to be in a familiar, beloved place and to retain all of the freedom and flexibility you are accustomed to.


But for many seniors, aging at home may be lonely. If your spouse is in assisted living, your children have moved, and your social circle is shrinking, remaining in your home may lose some of its appeal. After all, we crave human interaction, conversation, and meaningful connection. Many seniors wonder how to avoid loneliness while aging in place.

This is one of many needs that Landis at Home can meet! Landis at Home provides home care services for either short or extended periods of time for aging adults in the privacy of their own homes. Landis at Home aides focus on cultivating abundant choices and providing individualized, customized care.


In addition to personal care services, light household chores, and respite care, Landis at Home provides an outlet for socialization. Companionship, particularly for seniors, is so beneficial on mental and emotional wellness. Companion care providers can meet your individual needs, whether that is bonding over a cup of coffee and a puzzle, a lunch outing or a trip to a museum, or just a meaningful conversation. Simply conversing with another person can bring joy to someone’s day and care providers and seniors may even connect over shared passions or hobbies.

An elderly gentleman and a nurse are seated and conversing in a cozy, well-decorated living room.

Landis at Home companion care providers can become friends to aging seniors who are deprived of community and connection. Not only does their care and presence brighten the lives of seniors, but it also can provide peace of mind to the family members of the seniors, who may worry that their loved one is feeling lonely.

If you or your loved one is feeling the effects of isolation, contact Landis at Home to inquire about the support and companionship we can provide. You don’t have to experience loneliness every day. We’re here to support you, help you enjoy retirement, and enjoy the opportunity to age in the comfort of your own home.

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