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Summer is imminent. The days are growing longer and warmer and any seniors aging independently at home are eagerly anticipating more sunshine.

Whether you’re enjoying a morning gardening, a neighborhood stroll with friends, or having a meal on the back patio, it’s important to remain aware of the higher temperatures and the danger of dehydration or overheating. Both can happen quickly, and often faster than expected. Seniors are at a particular risk for dehydration than other groups for several reasons: potential decreased kidney function, cognitive ability, decreased thirst signal, and medications that may increase the risk of dehydration, such as those with a diuretic component.


Seniors may benefit from setting reminders to drink water or move inside to the air conditioning, but family members may still worry on long, hot summer days. That is where a Landis at Home care aide comes in.

Landis at Home provides more than just compassion and companion to our clients. Our services are uniquely specialized to serve individuals. A home care aide can help aging adults remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day during the hot summer months and to retreat inside often to cool down in the air conditioning.

Being outside is so beneficial for the body and the mind, so when days get warmer and longer, aging adults often rejoice. It’s important to put measures in place so that you can safely enjoy the summer, for your own protection and for the peace of mind of your family members.

If you desire company, companionship, and some specialized, personalized care as warm weather arrives, contact Landis at Home today to start a conversation. We’re here to help keep you cool – all summer long!

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