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Your own home is a place of peace, security, and stability. Aging in place can be an incredible source of comfort for seniors, and yet even in a place of such familiarity, there may still be insidious dangers to be aware of.

Fall hazards in your own home may be easily overlooked, simply because you’re accustomed to them. Some of the most common fall hazards are cords/cables, clutter, loose rugs, or awkwardly placed furniture. Perhaps you’ve had your furniture arranged a certain way for decades or you’re used to stepping over the same charging cord. Additionally, bathtubs, stairs, or uneven sidewalks can pose a risk.


It’s common for family members to worry about their aging relatives who may live alone, particularly their loved one requires assistance such as a cane or a walker.


Landis at Home can help ensure your environment is safe. Our occupational therapists can visit your home to complete a home assessment, during which they will identify any areas that could pose a potential risk for you. If a hazard can be eliminated, we will work to help you correct the issue, whether that means securing loose rugs, tidying clutter, or recommending no-slip bath mats.

But our services don’t stop there! We will also analyze other areas of concern and pinpoint other safety needs, such as improved lighting, the necessity of handrails on stairs, by the toilet, or in the bathtub, and a better layout for furniture to optimize your space.

We prioritize this proactive approach because 1 in 4 adults over the age of 65 fall each year, and for seniors, falls are the number one cause of injury-related death. Ensuring your home is free of fall hazards and that you are safe and secure as you age independently is of the utmost importance to us.

For more information or to schedule a home assessment with our occupational therapist, contact Landis at Home today.

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