Landis at Home employee assisting retired woman to review and address a pile of bills and statements

Concierge Services

Recently, as part of our efforts to serve both residents at Landis Homes and the surrounding community, we have begun offering a new option giving users peace of mind and the opportunity to let go of some tasks that have become difficult and time consuming. Persons can become overwhelmed paying bills and managing bank accounts. This can lead to embarrassment or financial penalties.  Children or other loved ones end up spending precious visiting time going over these items rather than having meaningful interactions. In addition, there may not be family able to assist with these tasks. This leaves persons without the support needed to successfully take care of their banking.

Through our Senior Servant Bookkeeping Concierge Service, offered by Landis At Home, we are able to assist with bank account management, payment of bills, financial reporting, budgeting, reviewing paperwork, tax reporting and organizing records and other tasks.  It will give you and loved ones peace of mind that your paperwork is taken care of by a professional. All staff working with this program are experienced in bookkeeping, have been cleared through a criminal background check, and are covered by Landis Communities liability insurance.

It is gratifying to hear from persons who are already benefiting from this service.  In talking with a current client, Judy, she said, “Recently I found myself very embarrassed by the mess my checkbook register had become. I did not want to just ignore it and accept what my monthly bank statement said because I know that mistakes can happen.   About the same time, I heard about the new services offered by Landis at Home.”

After meeting with Dot Hartman, coordinator of this service, to talk about the available options, bookkeeper Lisa Gautsche was assigned to her account. She went through past records and got Judy’s checkbook register up to date. Judy continues, “I am extremely grateful to have had this work done.  I have such peace now that I know my records are in order.   It was definitely worth the cost.”

Increasingly, as we strive to serve people and help them to “Thrive at Home”, wherever that is, services like this are ways we accomplish our mission.  For more information about this service, contact Dot Hartman at 717-381-3562 or  dhartman@landiscommunities.org   To learn more about this service, please download the flier here or click on the image below

concierge services flyer